All the features you need to start

CambayCart empowers businesses with an eCommerce platform Unlimited number of products, customers, orders, etc. Everything you need for online success is in one place.

Mobile & Tablet optimized

CambayCart storefront and admin is responsive by default. Your site will work no matter the device is used mobile, tablet, desktop or a large screen.

Flexible product & options

Flexible product & options Create an unlimited number of products, attributes or options. CambayCart is able to manage product and options with unlimited media files for each product or option combination. Products and option types can be setup with stock tracking feature. Attributes and options can be managed per product or globaly, allowing multiple products to share options settings.

Customize your products

You can collect additional information from the customer specific for products purchase. There is a variety of field types awailable including texts and files uploaded by your customers. You can let customers select from available options, provide their own texts, upload images, etc.

import and export products

Bulk loading of product data into CambayCart is made easy. Flexible product import supports data fields maping as well as ability to upload images. With product data export/import you can manage your products in your favourite spreadsheet application and update in bulk.

Online Chat Suppport and ChatBot

A more engaging – and automated – way to help your customers,So many ways to use ChatBot Self-serve troubleshooting , Capture leads , Gather registrations for events , Book meetings , Automate routine support requests And more

Discount Coupons

Discount Coupons are just an easy way to provide your customers with discounts based on a short predefined code they can be using and You can configure these codes for your resellers or for customers coming from other websites