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Seamless Shopping Anytime, Anywhere

CambayCart Ensuring Unmatched Buying Experiences!

Empowering Ecommerce with Trust

Unmatched Security, Robust Architecture, and Enterprise-Grade Features.

Empower Your Online Retail Channels

Unleash Control with Cutting-Edge eCommerce Software and Shopping Cart Solution.


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Simplify Payment Process

Secure Gateways, Customer Convenience, and Peace of Mind!

Embrace Simplicity

Effortlessly Manage Your Stores with Clear Settings and Beginner-Friendly Layout Customization.

Ultrafast E-commerce Power

Harness Flexibility to Manage Your Shop with Comprehensive E-commerce Features.

Fortify Data Security

SSL Secured Website Safeguards Your Information During Browser-to-Server Transfers.

Secured Payment

Ease out your payment pains with secure payment gateways and let your customers pay via their preferred gateway.

Report & Analytics

Get the order and sales details to work on future Marketing strategies. Gain insights with integrated Google Ecommerce Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Easy Monitoring

Easy to monitor Sales per month Sales by weekday and Orders by day also we can monitor Payment and Delivery types of sales.

Mobile & Web optimized

CambayCart stors and admin is responsive by default. Your site will work no matter the device is used mobile, tablet, desktop.

Fortify Application Security

SSL Encryption Safeguards Website Traffic, Strong One-Way Password Encryption Ensures Customer Protection, and Security Tokens Shield Against Unauthorized Data Submissions.


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    Apple Pay

    Google Pay




Yes Following Method is supported

    American Express



Yes Discount Coupons are just an easy way to provide your customers with discounts based on a short predefined code they can be using.

Yes Shops Owner Will Get SMS & Email Notification For Each Order Received

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